[Ideation] – Ashna Kapadia


I am interested in understanding how humans can use technology in an interactive and using haptic and sensory data. I also enjoy looking at successful campaigns either social campaigns or clever campaigns used by companies as an attempt of guerrilla marketing.

An example of this is ,The apparel brand Woolrich which sell heat tech garments opened recently in Milan. They have a room inside the store which shoppers can immerse themselves with their heat tech garments in an hyper realistic cold temperatures inside of the room.  The room itself reaches negative 20 degrees Celcius, and therefore market their products in a clever way to show the effectiveness of their apparel ware.

Read more here : https://www.trendhunter.com/trends/extreme-weather-condition-room

Interactive and immersive game technology such as escape rooms have been pretty interesting to me, thus how we can use technology in an engaging manner.

I am also interested in haptic technology and how museums have been using it to display information of their artifacts and history. Recently I visited the Louvre in Abu Dhabi and was immediately drawn to their interactive area dedicated to engaging children. It shows cultural designs and artifacts and allows the children to create their own designs with the digital cultural designs and objects. Thus exploring how museums can push interactive design especially AU and other sensory user interfaces to engage a range of people.

Read more about Abu Dhabi Louvre: http://colorbitor.com/portfolio_page/louvre-abu-dhabi-childrens-museum/

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