App Prototype- Jordyn Pasinkoff

IMG_4003  IMG_3915IMG_4004   Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 9.56.39 PM

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 9.56.28 PM

During the start of this process, I imagined my 5 app ideas to be for clothing companies to sell their products in a seamless and easy way. I thought of four elaborate ideas that had to do with a lot of interaction between the app and the customer, as well as one more simple app for the customer who might not prefer to have all of the bells and whistles added onto a shopping experience. I designed my simple app in Sketch and animated it through Principle. In Sketch, I designed a basic shopping app for a quick and easy shopping experience. The user has to sign up or log into the app to make a purchase, however they do not need to do either if they would prefer to just look at what the site offers without intention to buy. When the viewer opens the app, after the have been greeted by the welcome screen, they are taken onto the clothing mobile, where they can scroll through the products that the company offers, They can scroll either left or right, and can zoom in on the photos of the clothing to see detail. They then can tap on the clothing to receive more information about the clothing, where it was made, what sizes it comes in and materials it is made out of. The customer is then recommended to swipe through the other options of clothing they might like, and are recommended one thing that they might also like to consider purchasing. The recommended product is programmed to be the next thing that the viewer swipes to, for convenience. Overall, I attempted to make the most simple, user friendly shopping app without fancy and extensive amenities. I thought of the customer as one who wants to quickly shop for basics on the go, something they can do while waiting on line for Starbucks or in the middle of their lunch break. Pictures of my thought process as well as screenshots of my Sketch file are attached to this blog post.

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