[Research] Transitions + Flow of Behance Mobile App


Behance is a platform to showcase and discover all kind of creative work such as brand Identity, Illustration, Photography, Interior design, User Interface design.


  1. The first picture to the second, the tab slide from left to right and appear on the screen when you click on the hamburger tab, implies that this tab always here on the left side of your application.
  2. For the third picture of the phone, notification tab slide in right to left when you click on the bell icon, implies that the notification tab in on the right.
  3. When you click on any buttons or featured contents, you will see a small transparent circle appear, to let you know that what you click is correct or not.
  4. On the comment button, when you click on it, the blue button will turn in to a white rectangle, which is a comment box.
  5. From page to page, there is no identical transition, the new page just pops up right away when you click, not to put too much transition on the app which leads to the confusions.

User flow

  1. The first page shows the featured contents, as the objective of the app which is to showcase and discover new creative project.
  2. On the top left and right, There are hamburger button, notification button, and search button allow you to check and go to the page that you want to see easily.
  3. When you click on each project, the project will pop up right away with statistics of the project. The eye icon for how many people saw this, the thump shows appreciation and the dialog icon for comment.
  4. At the end of every project page, you will see the big blue thump that you can click to appreciate and also the recommended projects which related to the project that you are checking.
  5. You can click on the polaroid icon to add this project to your collection.
  6. .You can click on the profile of the artist/ designer to check out their profile and others project as well.
  7. You can follow and send a private message to the artist/ designer and you can share their work with friends on social media




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