[Research] Transitions + Flow of Adobe Scan & Facets



Facets is an app that features the digital work of Justin Maller. The app first started as a gallery of his work from his year-long Facets project, in which he created a new piece every day, but has since included much of his other work.

When first opened, the user is able to choose from a list of which project category they would like to view. If the user chooses the Facets project, they are brought to a similar screen where they can now choose which month of the project they would like to view. Within this project, the user can also choose other categories to organize the project by including months, concepts, and moods. Once in a month, the user can begin to view each individual piece at full screen, swiping right or left to view the next or previous piece. By swiping up in this mode, the user can view the name of the piece as well as have the option to save the image. By swiping down, the user is given the ability to set the piece as a wallpaper for their device. Within other projects, the experience is the exact same except for the exclusion of the ability to re-categorize the pieces.


  • Fade to Black
  • Swipe
  • Pan-In
  • Pan-Down

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is an app that allows the user to create PDFs of physical printed matter through a picture of the document.

The app starts up with a splash screen that shows the apps icon and name. If the app has not been used before, the user is brought to a log in screen for the Adobe Cloud. The user is then brought into a screen that shows all of their past scans. By clicking the button on the lower right part of the screen, the user can choose to scan a new document from a photo they already have or from their camera. When a user decides to scan a document from their camera, they must alight the document within the view, once a blue overlay fills the document, the app scans it. The user is then brought to a screen where they can edit the scan, re-cropping it, or adjust levels. Once the user is done editing, the document can be saved and then shared.


  • Slide-Up
  • Fade to Black
  • Dissolve

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