[Research] Transitions and user flow of I Love Hue & Yelp- Susanna Back

I Love Hue

I Love Hue is a mobile app that allows for users to organize blocks according to hue.  Like students at Pratt Institute have learned, there are different variations in color fields. It can be categorized into hues. This game has different levels and each level challenges the user to use their eye to order. Each day, users will receive new prisims, that will act like the life supply within the game.



  • in to out (straight to viewer)
  • fade to black screen
  • fade outs between screens

User flow

  • Company/Production –> Title screen –> Main screen –> Game levels  –>


For all the foodies out there, Yelp, is a fantastic app that allows for users to find locations good eats according to their location. It is a simple app that provides a variety of different options where it can be personalized into preference.


  • in to out
  • static movement between pages– barely any effective transitions
  • easy to use

User flow

  • Title screen –> Main screen(s)
    • Nearby
    • Search
    • Me
    • Order
    • More

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