[Research] Transitions and user flow in “Duolingo” and “Blackbox” – Youmin Park



: Duolingo is language-learning app that has various different lanuages to be learned including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and many others.

The app starts with signing in, and then users are allowed to choose language to use and language to learn.


When users first open the app after setting up, there are 5 menus to explore: Learn, Health, Bots, Clubs, and Shop. “Learn” is where users can learn the languages they selected in different levels and activities such as listening, writing, and speaking. “Health” shows how well users are progressing. “Bots” ables users to use what they learn by communicating with bots. “Clubs” are users community that they can meet and practice what they have learned. Lastly, “Shop” is where users can purchase items that are helpful using the app.


In Learning page, which is the main page of this app, users can complete stages step by step. In first image, the stages are divided into “Basics 1”, “Phrases”, “Basics 2”, “Food”, “Animals”, “The Zoo”, and more. When users tap on one of the stages, as shown in second image, they are more steps divided for deeper studies. Finally, when users select the step, they start activities and tests that Duolingo created.

The symbols they use is very friendly and warm. The color use is also very vibrant and mostly saturated colors.





: Blackbox is a puzzle game app that requires users to “think outside the box” and use their full imagination to complete the tasks.

After downloading, the letters comes out in black background welcoming. Then, the app explains this game will make users think outside of the box and starts with prep game. After completing the prep, the app shows all the different stages to complete in different colors of boxes.


The first image shows the home page that shows different tasks to complete. The boxes with the different colors are the tasks to complete. The colored boxes symbolizes completed tasks and the outlined boxes with dots in the middle symbolizes uncompleted tasks. When user taps one of the boxes, there are no words but the boxes that one have to make it colored using any tools on the phone or ways of moving, touching, listening, blowing it. When the user has no idea how to complete the task, one can tab the box to purchase hints. Also, when the user wants to go back to main menu, just tab the black blank space twice.

Because I tried this game, I realized how brilliant this designer is by making users to think in way that no one has have thought about to complete the game. The vivid color makes game more vibrant contrast to the black background.



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