[Research] Facebook & Lyft App Transitions

facebook transitions-02

The Facebook app is an interesting and unique application because its point is to host user content and provide a neutral platform for communication. The app has a wide demographic and should be easy to use for all ages. For this reason I chose to view its transitions. The app has gotten to the point that they’re trying to be more than they intended to be. They already had to have a separate messenger app and I think they should keep the facebook app for it’s initial purpose of communication. It’s broken down logically and limited color palette allows the content to fill most of the screen. The app itself falls into the background and allows the content to stand on its own.

Lyft Transitions-02

The Lyft app is much simpler and has a direct purpose of getting the user to and from a location. Both apps have a limited color palette, but the lyft app forces the user in a linear transition of inserting their location, their destination, and finally requesting the Lyft. So it’s more user friendly because it guides the user in a direct path.

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