[Class Materials]Week 3 Prototype methods & Sketch+Principle animations


This week’s class started with discussions about the importance of prototyping in a design process and an introduction of different types of prototypes: Proof-of-Principle Prototype (Concept), User Experience Prototype (Experience), Visual Prototype (Aesthetics) and Functional Prototype (Technical) We also talked about when and how we use them. Wonderful slides by Brad Macdonald we used in class.

In-Class Activity

Students were assigned a 20-minute challenge of creating 5 user interface paper prototypes that allow users to do three things: to browse 10 items in a glance, to read more by selecting and to receive suggestions of other related items. Students were paired up and conducted user testings after. They will modify the designs base on the results and present them in the next class.


Technical Practice – Sketch and Principle

We created connections and animations between screens using Sketch and Principle. Students will select one of the paper prototypes they created in class and make a digital visual prototype base on it. 

Click here for the slides we used this week.

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