[Class Materials] Week 1 Interactivity & Sketch Basics


We focused on interactivity and the possibilities it can provide for students’ future projects. We examined inspiring interactive projects and discuss how the tools we learn in class were involved in their creation (Tools include Sketch, After Effects, C4d and basic Programming.)

Technical Practice – Sketch and Invision

  • Introduction: Sketch’s strength as a vector editing tool for designing screens of digital products:
    1. Visual consistency on multiple screens: Shared and linked symbols, style, shapes.
    2. Responsive design: Shared responsive resizing, device resolutions.
    3. Rapid prototyping: Sketch + Invision
    4. Plugins: Plugins are available to extend Sketch’s functionality. Ex: Craft
  • Software interface (Toolbar, Layer List, Canvas, Inspector)
  • Basic document set up 
  • 5 screen practice – Rulers, Guides, Grids, Shapes, Text Inspector, Borders, Layers, Fills, Colors, Gradients, Shadows, Blurs, Measuring, Adding, Selecting, Sketch Mirror
  • Export sketch file to Invision: Exporting

Here are the Slides we used in this week’s class.

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